We all have a story.
Ours is the passion for professional lighting.

Step by step we built a name, a vertical one.
Our history is one of overcoming the limits.


Beyond the competition we have understood and created opportunities, we have redesigned the limits of business and employment development

PLS concessions

> 75.000 lighting fixtures

Important communities in Romania have entrusted us with the management of public lighting.

Public lighting

Licensed operator

– operation: First Class ANRSC License for PLS Delegated Management, Repair and Maintenance of Lighting Systems
– works: traffic, ornamental, architectural, festive, sporting lighting
– FLASH 4 Smart Cities: smart lighting
– mI Smart Fl@sh: smart lighting integration into the verticals of a Smart City

Eco – lighting

Energetic efficiency

Main directions:
a) operating leasing – Lighting as a Service
b) energy efficiency solutions
and smart lighting for industrial spaces
c) lighting of retail areas
d) office lighting for professional use



We audit, simulate and design professional lighting solutions for which we select the most appropriate equipment from our partners’ portfolio.

Opinions of Customer who

Prefer FLS

Between tradition, experience and innovation, our customers chose not only professional lighting techniques but also the guarantee that we stay together, that we maintain and develop the quality of joint projects.

Peach CEO

Ann Smith

Efficiently unleash cross-media information without value. Quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time schemas.

MIT Lead developer

John Jones

Quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time schemas. Efficiently unleash cross-media information without value.

Our history is about

Exceeding the limits

We have understood and created opportunities beyond competition, continuously redesigning business boundaries and developing new jobs.
In a narrower market, our success has not come from the lowest price, but from innovation, the courage to be the first, to test and widen the boundaries of the economic game in which other actors always come.


The first company in the group


Flash International is being established to import Philips Lighting technique in Romania.
Next comes Flash Trading House (1997) and Flash Entreprise (1999).
FLASH GROUP diversifies its activity, gathers new specialists and becomes a landmark in the professional lighting industry.




The first public lighting concession contract in a pioneering period in the field.
Flash Lighting Services is borne – the main engine for public lighting


PLS – Public Lighting Services


The period when Botosani, Iasi – 2005, Braşov, Buzău, Tulcea and Mihail Kogălniceanu – 2006 delegated PLS management to Flash Lighting Services




FLS implements the first smart lighting PLC solutions using the InteliLIGHT platform from Flash Net


New concessions


Calarasi and Alba Iulia municipalities entrust us with the management of public lighting systems with smart lighting solutions.
For the first time, the PLS monthly subscription is addressed.


Craiova, ARI

Clear positioning

The Romanian Association for Lighting (ARI) is born and FLS is one of the founding members.
New management contract delegated with Craiova municipality: 18,000 light points, energy efficiency and telemanagement.
FLS is positioned as VAR on the value chain between manufacturers and customers.


Urban laboratories

Smart Lighting

Târnăveni becomes the first city in Romania with a complete smart lighting system. Project, installation, financing and operation: FLS.
Brasov implements through FLS a project to increase the safety of citizens in which FLS – Flash Net partnership provides intelligent lighting, surveillance cameras, panic buttons and dispatcher integrated on the InteliLIGHT platform.


Decisive options

Smart City

We innovate (f-POLe, Light 4 YOU, mI Smart Fl@sh) and we firmly support Smart City concepts and energy efficiency for smart community and business development.
New projects with various technologies:
Bucharest sector 6 – CityTouch Philips,
Sinaia, Sf Gheorghe, Popeşti Leordeni – RF Schreder,
Braşov, CJ Prahova – LoRa InteliLIGHT

See it in action

Check our portfolio

See it in action

Check our portfolio

See it in action

Check our portfolio

See it in action

Check our portfolio

See it in action

Check our portfolio