Highlights, transforms, complements, exaggerates or confirms a space experience


Light and architecture complement to create visual emotion.

Urban experiences after sunset

Sense, shape, light

Valorisation of architectural heritage, belonging to the culture and history of the place, the recognition of spaces, the desire to explore, the relaxation and the joy are our preoccupations in architectural lighting.

Classic and modern


Dramatic, welcoming, classic, elegant – a few themes used to enlighten the buildings that represent the city

Cult and culture

Sacred spaces

Museums, universities, churches, monasteries continue their call with the help of light.

The beauty of the city


Rediscover artistic creations after sunset: statuary groups, fountains, monuments …

People and their places


Bridges, parks, lakes, playgrounds

Between transformation and creation

The experience of space

Architecture creates visual emotion by shapes, textures and colours of space.
Through lighting, we add value to architecture, providing a new balance between these elements.

01. Aesthetics

Focusing on the emotional impact on viewers.

02. Functionality

The goal is to observe and contemplate architecture from the main perspectives.

03. Energy efficiency

Breath-taking images can be developed without visual pollution through low energy consumption.

04. Focus

The illumination of the main architectural elements emphasizes identity and highlights the interaction between art and functionality.

05. Ambient

Uniform removal of the shadows in the subject space provides safety and balance

06. Accents

Dramatic alternation between shadows and lights, creating volumes, adding colour, dynamics