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Lighting Master Plan, asset management, operational management


Stoplight-free pedestrian crossings.

Focused on people and their communities

Adaptive lighting

Life without light?
Or smart cities without lighting connected to the very life of the community?

How Smart

Can It Be?

Here, at Flash Lighting Services we talk about the lighting that matters, which is as technological as the community wants in its service.



In FLS we are always ready:
– skills, credentials, licenses
– National Dispatch Center (My Fl@sh)
– work points
– partnerships

Together with

mI Smart Flash

Experience, knowledge, innovation, resources for intelligent communities that want partners.


Key figures

More than 24,000 lighting fictures managed by smart solutions.

Smart lighting for

Smart Cities

Investing in digitized lighting systems is possible through partnerships with professionals in the lighting industry, designing of sustainable, energy-efficient systems and adopting the right mix of connectivity and communication.

Energetic efficiency

Mixed technologies: LED, telemanagement, dimming, sensors, NEMA/ZHAGA, renewable energy sources.

Connectivity, communication

Group and point-to-point addressability, wireless, through optimal mix WiFi, PLC, RF, LoRa, NFC, LiFi, GSM-IoT

Smart services

Integrated and non-discriminatory asset management and operational management, for all types of lighting economically-efficient-effective-fair.


Joint use of urban resources: smart poles that provide support, energy and connectivity for sensors and various equipment.

Digital platform

API (Open Data) integration of intelligent lighting solutions in the digital platform of the city is preceded or includes a dedicated dispatcher.


A master plan that includes future-proof measures, green lighting, digitization, resource sharing, participatory e-administration.

  • How smart?
How smart?

Smart Lighting

Here, at FLS, we talk about the lighting that matters, which is as technological as the community wants its service to be.
Therefore, we design and build smart lighting when it:
S – is connected, energy efficient and operational, creates identity and embellishes the city, produces a balance between functions (street, pedestrian, ornamental, festive, architectural, sporting)
M – meets specific standards, has light efficiency, meets projected energy balance, is measured by KPI’s (cost of light / surface, etc.)
A – Provides public access to open source data and information, is geared towards accessible technologies and resources
R – is tailored to real, sustainable needs, adds value to housing
T – provides real time response, is flexible and programmable

We believe that smart lighting:
– should be seen as an extension of lighting in homes, offices and workplaces
– contributes to safety, comfort and well-being, mobility efficiency, economic growth, improved working conditions
– produces joy, relaxation, feeling of belonging to the community
– facilitates access to culture and personal development

In this context, LED is only one type of required light source, at most one technology.
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Smart Cities

In FLS we are always ready
> skills, credentials, licenses
> National Dispatch (My Fl@sh)
> work points: Bucharest, CT, TL, BZ, CL, BV, IS, BT, Alba Iulia, Craiova, Sf Gheorghe
> partnerships: Schreder, Philips – Signify, Zumtobel, FlashNet, Ghisamestieri, MK Illumination, Blachere, 3M, Sogexi, Dual, CML

 PLC (since 2010): Brașov, Alba Iulia, Călărași, Botoșani, Craiova
 RF: Târnăveni, SV, Sinaia, Popești-Leordeni, Sf Gheorghe, Tulcea
 GSM – IoT: Bucharest (ADP sector 6); pilot projects in Alba Iulia
 LoRa: BV, CJ Prahova
Integrated technologies: LED, plug&play, IoT, communications, telemanagement, asset management, self-commissioning / notification / localization, operational management, multifunctional poles, sensors, CCTV, PHV
Integrated urban facilities: traffic lights, video surveillance, audio / video communication, panic buttons, intelligent pedestrian crossings, smart parking, EV charging

future proof lighting, LiGHT 4 YOU, f-POLe, mI Smart Fl@sh, FLASH me.

  • We’re here for you
We’re here for you

mI Smart Flash

Experience, knowledge, innovation, resources for communities that want partners
– lighting should be integrated into city infrastructure and local development strategies (e.g. SIDU, PAED, PIEE)
– cities develop by choosing the balance between priorities and available resources, so public lighting must be designed ready for future,
– Inclusive planning proposes the Lighting Master Plan as a programmatic tool

“Intelligent people will develop Smart Cities,
where Smart Lighting is needed.
And there we shall be, helping them”.
  • Experience

Key figures

Over 24,000 lighting fixtures managed by smart solutions promoted by Flash Lighting Services
2008-2010: the first PLC InteliLIGHT telemanagement projects
2014: We use RF solutions
2015: Newcomer – LoRa WAN in Brasov
2016: First city in Romania with fully smart public lighting system (TÂRNĂVENI). Project, installation, financing and operation: FLS
– 35 ÷ 45% energy savings / CO2 savings guaranteed in FLS projects
– 12 smart public lighting projects confirmed in 2018 in Brașov, Alba Iulia, Târnăveni, București – ADP sector 6, Călărași, Sinaia, Sf Gheorghe, Craiova, Suceava, Botoșani, Popești-Leordeni, CJ Prahova.