Lighting for stadiums

The light we bring to the stadiums is for joy and performance, for players, spectators and for those at home.

Lighting for stadiums

Not just for the sport but also for the show, not just light but also care for people and the environment.

Lighting of sports arenas

The perfect optics

A match of the favourite team or a Champions League event?
What about a concert?
The opportunity to make a perfect place shine:
the FLS-lit stadium.

Athletes and fans


The game lived at the highest odds.

Attention, we on air!


In front of screens, like in stadiums.



Not just sport brings us to the stadiums.

Comfort and safety


Out of concern for players, spectators, employees, officials.

Light on the stadiums

Top specialty

One of the crown pearls, this competence is gained and maintained
with great effort.
The results are, however, appropriate.


From the FIFA / UEFA rules to architectural lighting, no detail is omitted.


Poles, awnings, facades, access ways, facilities – integrated solutions.


Low power consumption, low cost of assembly, maintenance and operation.


Nothing is forgotten: colour temperature, colour rendering, uniformity, lack of blinding or flicker


The security of people and goods as well as data security are integrated into our lighting solutions.

Future – proof

Versatility, flexibility and adaptability of lighting systems to events and activities hosted by stadiums.

  • For athletes and fans
For athletes and fans

The joy of the game

The absence of dazzle, the uniformity of illumination, the excellent colour rendering, the most suitable colour temperature ensure clear viewing of the field for players and supporters, leading the show to maximum odds.
  • Quality transmissions
Quality transmissions


The flicker-free technology of the carefully selected equipment, the excellent illumination in the main planes and the light quality ensure all the requirements of a high-definition transmission: details, slow-motion, multiple station points.
  • Versatility


Concerts, promotions, media projects? They are now possible with the same smart lighting system with integrated sound and colour.
Imagine the thrilling execution of the 11m hits in a light similar to a music star on stage!
  • Comfort and safety
Comfort and safety


Increased security through lighting, comfort and orientation towards chairs, restaurants, shops, access ways, parking, etc. lead to shrinking crowds and a greater enjoyment for spending time on stadiums.